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Have you seen this?

Have you seen these?

Over the last months I have seen more and more employers offering huge bonusses for people who help them find great staffmembers. The economy is booming and in more and more sectors it is a huge challenge to find new staff members to help you handle your growth. I have heard of companies where they miss up to 30% of revenue due to shortage of staff. How is this in your company?

Why do some companies seem to find the right staff members easier than others?

What could you do to attract the best potential staff members, and how can you become an employer of choice?

No surprise that people want to work for a company that inspires them. Why waste your time working for a company that is draining your energy? Research has shown that people rather earn a bit less, rather than work in a job that bores them, or work for a boss who is not inspiring them to get the best out of themselves.

So how can you become an employer where people are queuing up to work for?

First of all you need to start thinking about your corporate story. Please note; this is something completely different than making up a sexy corporate story that is not even close to the truth!

No, a smart corporate story is a story that you and your business live up to every day, over and over again. It is also a story that explains Why you do what you do and why you do it the way that you do it. What makes you and your company tick? What makes your company and it’s products unique? And how do you make the day to day difference for your customer and your staff-members?

How do you manage customer and employee satisfaction? What are your ambitions with your business and why? How can potential employees make the most valuable contribution to the development of your company and what is in it for them? And not to forget, how will you and your existing team support them to become successful in your business?

It is not gonna be easy, but it will shure help you achieve more than just attracting better and more potential employees.

Obviously writing this corporate story is not going to be easy, and living up to that story will even prove to be more difficult. But If you manage to do it, It will do so much more for you than only help you find more and better people to work for you. It will also be a great story to help you attract customers who can identify themselves with you and your business. It will also help you to inspire your existing staff-members. And maybe even more important, developing this story will force you to remember why you are in business and will make you consider where you want to go and why!

Do you want to work on this, but would you like some help?

We at RetailKitchen work on such corporate stories almost every day, so why not ask us for a bit of help? Do you want to find out how we can help you? Please feel free to call Fred on +31651542222 or look at

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